Assumptions & objectives

Proper protection of agricultural ecosystems requires an extensive input from the research community in order to identify existing threats, monitor environmental changes and help authorities to decide policy priorities. This will require, however, an effort for further restructuring research programmes and extension activities through developing better links with the end users - policy makers and the farming community.
The IUNG Centre of Excellence for Protection of Land and Water Quality and Sustainable Development of Rural Areas would have as its primary objective the enhancement of research support for successful transition of agriculture and integration with EU.

The main aim of the project is to open new opportunities in the area of

agro-environmental research to serve better the needs related to restructuring of agriculture and development of rural areas.

This aim will be realised trough getting knew expertise from involved partners from EU to contribute to Centre's ongoing projects in the fields related to protection and enhancement of the quality of agricultural ecosystems and transmission of the results to co-operating research centres and institutions in Poland and other NAS.
The scheme of the project is designed to combine research and information into decision support tools assisting farm management, environmental protection, policy making, monitoring, and planning (extension/implementation).

Thematic areas identified are important for further development of decision support systems and they correspond directly to the agenda addressed in the

recent Commission document "Soil Protection Communication" (DG ENV Draft, October 2001). IUNG's existing databases, experimental facilities, pilot implementation areas and state of the art equipment will be made available to participants.

The primary objective of the PROLAND Centre of Excellence is enhancement of research support for successful transition of agriculture and integration with EU.

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