International Conference

Soil Protection Strategy – Needs And Approaches For Policy Support

9 – 11 March 2006 IUNG, Pulawy, Poland



Book of Abstracts





Day 1

Concerted action AROMIS - assessment and reduction of heavy metal input into agro-ecosystems (pdf document, 356 KB)

Ursula Roth

KTBL e.V., Darmstadt, Germany

Road map to integrate comprehensive soil protection in national and international policies (pdf document, 1,3 MB)

Satish Gupta

FAL Agroscope Reckenholz Zürich and ITOe –ETHZ Zürich, Switzerland

Diffuse soil pollution assessment and policy support covering expertise provided by the TWG contamination and the situation in Austria (pdf document, 784 KB)

Sigbert Huber

Umweltbundesamt (Austrian Federal Environment Agency), Vienna, Austria

Soil pollution and risk management in relation to soil protection strategy in Slovakia (pdf document, 1,5 MB)

Jozef Kobza

Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute Regional Department, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Risk based management of contaminated land - from European theories to Flemish experiences (pdf document, 60 KB)

Victor Dries

Public Waste Agency of Flanders, (OVAM), Mechelen, Belgium

An integrated approach for identification of large scale contaminated land in North Rhine - Westphalia, NW-Germany - experiences and implications for the European soil protection strategy regarding contamination and risk based land management (pdf document, 6,16 MB)

Michael Kerth

Geo-Infometric GmbH, Detmold, Germany

Soil protection strategy and the European Commission agri-environmental policy: Their repercussions on the terraced landscapes (pdf document, 19,5 MB)

Sabina Ansins – Velis

Centro De Investigaciones Sobre Desertificacion-CIDE (CSIC, Universitat de Valencia, Generalitat Valenciana), Valencia, Spain

Towards sustainable soil protection strategy in Poland: national vs. EU legislations and recommendations (pdf document, 328 KB)

Grzegorz Malina

Institute of Environmental Engineering, Częstochowa University of Technology, Czestochowa, Poland

Ecotoxicity testing for soil quality assessment - criteria and implications

Barbara Maliszewska - Kordybach

Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, Department of Soil Science Erosion and Land Protection, Puławy, Poland

Ecological methods in environmental effects assessment

(pdf document, 1,18 MB)

Maria Niklinska

Jagiellonian University, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Krakow

Linking HOC bioavailability with soil properties and biomimetic methods in predicting the fate of pollutants in remediation applications (pdf document, 177 KB)

Clark Ehlers

University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Department for Agrobiotechnology, Institute for Environmental Biotechnology (IFA), Tulln, Austria

Biogeochemical cycles and sustainability of biosphere

Victor Dolin

Institute for Environmental Geochemistry, Kyev, Ukraine

Understanding the life cycle of soil: past and future civilization collapses (pdf document, 983 KB)

K. Vala Ragnarsdottir

University of Bristol, Department of Earth Sciences, Bristol, The UK

Day 2

Integration of multi-scale dynamic spatial models for land use change analysis and assessment of land degradation and socio-economic processes (pdf document, 5,38 MB)

Hedwig van Delden

RIKS Research Institute for Knowledge Systems, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Using system dynamic models for policy analysis land management and assessment of soil biogeochemical processes (pdf document, 1,41 MB)

Hordur Haraldsson

Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University

Land use change in polluted areas as a response to CAP instruments – food chain risk aspects (pdf document, 2,52 MB)

Tomasz Stuczyński

Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, Department of Soil Science Erosion and Land Protection, Puławy, Poland

Reduction of impact of contaminants by land use (pdf document, 1,75 MB)

Joop Harmsen

Wageningen University, ALTERRA, The Netherlands

Priority setting in polluted land management in relation to land use and soil properties (pdf document, 534 KB)

Jan Japenga

Alterra Green World Research, Soil Science Center, Soil Pollutants Research Group, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Organic matter status in soils of Poland - importance for protection of soil functions in the context of soil strategy (pdf document, 1,52 MB)

Sławomir Gonet

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland

Impacts of soil redistribution on carbon distribution and biogeochemistry with agricultural landscapes: implications for carbon sequestration (pdf document, 1,93 MB)

Gregory McCarty

USDA, Beltsville MS, USA

Influence of biosolids application on soil quality (pdf document, 2,36 MB)

Christos Tsadilas

National Agricultural Research Foundation – Institute of Soil Mapping and Classification, Larrisa, Greece

Sewage sludge use on soil: approaches and effects (pdf document, 320 KB)

Paolo Mantovi

Research Centre on Animal Production (CPRA), Reggio Emilia, Italy


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