Meeting with scientific commissar
IHAR, Radzikow

23 May 2003

Representatives of five Centres of Excellence took part in the Meeting:

- Mr Francoise Constantin - European Commission
- Prof. Bogdan Wolko - coordinator - PAGEN, IGR Poznan
- Prof. Barabara Maliszewska-Kordybach - coordinator - PROLAND, IUNG Pulawy
- Dr Andrzej Stepniewski - coordinator - AGROPHYSICS, Instytute of Agrophisics PAN Lublin
- Doc. Maria Wedzony - coordinator - CROPSTRESS, Institute of Plant Phisiology PAN Cracow
- Prof. Edward Arseniuk - director IHAR - CICSA, Radzkow
- Dr Jerzy H. Czembor - coordinator - CICSA, IHAR Radzikow
- Leaders and co-leaders of CICSA workpackages as well as Assistants of mentioned above Centres of Excellence


The first part of the meeting was devoted to introduce all participants of the Meeting. The Project Coordinators introduced represented Centres. Mr Francoise Constantin talked over the rules of contacts with EC offices and reporting.

The second part of the meeting was individual discussions of Project Coordinators with Scientific Officer.

Mr Francoise Constantin accepted invitation to repeat his visit in Poland which is planned on Autumn 2003. The final schedule of the visit requires fixing it between coordinators of: PROLAND, AGROPHYSICS and CROPSTRESS Centres of Excellence.

Meeting in IHAR, Radzikow
Photo: PAGEN


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