Second Annual Supervisory Board Meeting
of the PROLAND

23 - 24 April 2003 Pulawy/ Poland


The second annual PROLAND Supervisory Board Meeting took place in the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation within 23 - 24 of April 2004.
The programme of the Meeting included:
- Welcome addresses of Prof. Seweryn Kukula, IUNG Director and Prof. Barbara Maliszewska - Kordybach, PROLAND Project Coordinator;
- Election of the Chairman;
- Reports from the realization of the individual workpackages and plans for the next year of the project - presented by workpackages leaders;
- Presentations of the young foreign participants of the PROLAND Project;

- Reports from the visits of young IUNG scientists in foreign institutes;

- Discussion - opinions of Supervisory Board on the reports;

- Discussion on the programme for the second year of the Project;

- Presentation of the region.


First Annual Supervisory Board Meeting, June 2003

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