Training Workshop


"Agro-environmental Programs as a Tool of Farmers Support"

 18 November 2004, Pulawy, Poland



The workshop "Agro-environmental programmes as a tool of farmers support" was held in EC Centre of Excellence PROLAND, IUNG Puławy, on 18 November 2004. It was dedicated to Chambers of Farmers, advisory staff, non-govermental organisations, secondary agricultural schools, which aim is to inform farmers information about Common Agricultural Policy and encourage farmers to use the tools offered by this Policy.

The aim of the workshop was to present plans for changes in scope of Common Agricultural Policy, directed towards the necessity of environment protection on the rural areas, the agri-environmental programmes range, their implementation and controlling. The results of the workshop should inspire participants to create a "good climate/atmosphere" among farmers at National Agri-environmental Programme implementation and explain the environmental standards in rural society. The workshop was the occasion to experience transfer between different entities involved in functioning of agri-environmental schemes: scientists, officers/clerks, advisors and farmers.

The total number of participants was 90. There were 5 speeches focused on the profile of the instruments/tools to support farmers in the frame of Common Agricultural Policy, the structure of agri-environmental schemes in Poland, promotion of environmentally friendly agricultural practices, to save rural areas. The rules of finance calculation, controlling and payment realisation in National Agri-environmental Programme were also presented.

There were 5 speeches:

  • Systems of agriculture support in the frame of Common Agricultural Policy

  • Environment protection in the rural areas

  • The Agri-environmental Programmes as a tool of Common Agricultural Policy in the frame of Rural Development Plan

  • < The rules of payment calculation in National Agri-environmental Programme

  • The support systems of control and payment realisation for farmers

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