33rd Study Tour
International Fertilizer Society
Poland 2003

31 May - 5 June 2003

Warsaw, Wloclawek, Plock, Konskowola, Pulawy/Poland


Main organizers: Prof. Mariusz Fotyma

                               Dr Janusz Igras

In the days 31 May - 5 June the 33rd Study Tour of the IFS with attendance of 46 persons from 12 countries was organised in scope of the Proland project. For the first time in the 55 years of the IFS history the Study Tour was hosted by the ME (post socialist) country and the role of IUNG as the main organiser was highly appreciated.


The main aim of the Study Tour was to present the complex problem of producing, distributing and applying mineral fertilizers in Poland as a part of sustainable development of the country. The focus point of the Study Tour was the workshop "Production and consumption of mineral fertilizers in Poland " effected on 4th June at the Institute's premises.

The Polish authors followed by the very lively discussion and exchange of opinions presented four lectures. The lectures in form of scientific papers were printed in a special issue of the journal Nawozy I Nawożenie - Fertilizers and Fertilization, distributed among the participants on the first day of Study Tour.
In course of technical excursions participants of the Study Tour were familiarized with the Nitrogen Works in Wloclawek ( Anvil SA) and Pulawy ( Azoty SA) as well as with Extension Centres for Agriculture in Plock and Konskowola including visits at 4 individual farms.

The Study Tour was a real success which can be documented by the sentence from the letter of Mr Chris Dawson - General Secretary of IFS " All went so well, and we were so welcome everywhere, that it was without doubt one of the most successful Tours"

'AZOTY' Plant in Pulawy











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